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Redesign Website || Case Study


The product mainly addresses to two target groups: first time buyers and landloards in London.
Two important features should stand out:
1. customers should receive some simple answers to their problems as well costs.
2. The option to book a tradesman for the job that needs to be done.


User research: quantitative and qualitative, user testing
Ideation: Design studio, concept, wireframes, strategy
High Fidelity: UI Design and clickable Prototype


UX Design Team of four
Product: customer-facing
Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Invision
Method: low-and highfidelity wireframes, rapid user testing
Time: 2.5 weeks



Analytics from 1 ROOF revealed that users time spent on the page were 3 minutes per session in average mostly during lunch time on weekdays.

User tests on the existing webpage showed that people liked the page in look and feel but were sceptical to give details beyond email address as they were afraid to be spammed without any service at that point. 


We created and distributed a survey with 100 responses.

7 user interviews complemented our key findings from the survey with helpful insights.

Main pain points were:
a lack of trust to tradesmen, investing a lot of money and the amount of time that needs to be spent.

Overall: getting work on the house done wasn not a pleasant job.



Together with our client 1ROOF we sat together and discussed the most necessary features that needed to be included. After the features list was prioritised and set, we started sketching and critiquing each others ideas to refine them in the next round.

The initial ideas from the design studio as well the reaseach helped us to conceptualise the first paper prototypes which had been iterated throughout the second part of the project by user testing. Mostly corrections on taxonomy had to be implemented.


The improved website now had a dashboard for clients to save ideas and quotes from professionals, to communicate communicate ideas with professionals.
We created a cohesive space for clients to keep coming back to the webpage.

'Find a pro' would be filled with pictures of previous work from the tradesmen to gain trust from the users.

People could also browse on real projects inspirations which again link to the professionals as reference.